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Business Center Sponsoring

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As a Business Center sponsor, your name will be featured on the center’s door, acknowledging your sponsorship of the center. Annual sponsorship begins at $5,000. A business center can support a range between 50 – 200 persons at one location.

Support one of our primary on-site services by sponsoring one of our Business Resource Centers! These centers provide access to computers with internet connection, printer/copiers/fax machines, and at a facility where they can conveniently access local community services and provisions for our very low income housing residents, which includes seniors and minors located in rural areas. These on site property Business Centers will help to promote resident access to educational resources, employment opportunities, and training in general self-sufficiency capabilities for residents that are typically without transportation and/or without the know how to independently find needed community resources. These residents are under very low income restraints, so each business center has someone assigned from our staff to provide residents with one on one assistance when needed.

Urban Housing of America, Inc., LA is proud to be celebrating 25 years of community service by developing affordable housing communities for very low income persons. Your contributions will help us to continue to assist families in disadvantaged circumstances find clean, safe and affordable housing, in a supportive community

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