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Complying with Civil Rights requirements is our responsibility as a partner with the USDA Rural Development and The Louisiana State Housing Corporation. The Fair Housing Act protects people from discrimination. You cannot be denied access to a home on the basis of your color, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or familial status.

We require and maintain an affirmative fair housing marketing plan for all properties owned and/or managed by its assigned agents and their employees under the direction of Urban Housing of America, Inc., LA 

Our affirmative program includes reaching those prospective tenants, regardless of sex, marital status, familial status, or disability. Our outreach programs are open to all eligible individuals and include minority groups who traditionally would not be expected to apply for such programs or housing without special outreach efforts because of existing racial or socioeconomic patterns. We undertake and/or maintain a nondiscriminatory hiring policy in recruiting from both majority and minority groups including both sexes, for staff engaged in the management, or rental of properties, our training and instructing employees engaged in management, or rental of properties, and application of nondiscrimination and fair housing programs. 

We display in all rental offices and common areas the "Fair Housing" poster, making sure that these postings are displayed in a conspicuous position on each property and construction/development with a site sign displaying the equal opportunity logo or the following statement: "We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the nation.”  Our programs and facilities are available without regard to actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, (LGBT), or marital status. We publicize the availability of housing opportunities to minority persons through the type of media customarily used by the applicant or participant, including minority publications and other minority outlets available in the housing market area. As part of these efforts, all advertising shall include either the equal housing opportunity logo or statement. When illustrations or persons are included, they shall depict persons of both sexes and of majority and minority groups. Our affirmative fair housing marketing plans or evidence that we participate is covered by an approved voluntary affirmative marketing agreement which is submitted upon request to federal and state regulatory authorities.


Urban Housing of America, LA and Pines Road, LLC. are committed to creating a more humane environment for our residents. This is at the core of our culture. We interact with a network of investors, state, local, national agencies as well as our residents through ethical and transparent operations.

Smiling girl holding coffee cup, Shreveport, LA.
We are ethical

We maintain a high and ethical standard in the conduct of our business.

Black working from home, Shreveport, LA.
We are accountable

We are accountable for the quality of our job performance, the responsibility and stewardship of the resource entrusted to us.

Confident Black Businesswoman, Shreveport, LA.
We are advocates

We advocate on behalf of the economically poor.

Two Young Businesswomen, , Shreveport, LA.
We are diverse

We create an environment that support and encourage diversity.

Young Businesswomen laughing, Shreveport, LA.
We work collaboratively

We work collaboratively with the community seeking the input of those who represent persons affected by our work and the services we provide.

Urban Housing of America, LA and Pines Road, LLC. Take Pride in Offering These Affordable Housing Communities to Low Income Multi-Family and Senior Housing Developments.

Urban Housing of America Homes, Shreveport, LA.
Father and son playing basketball, Shreveport, LA.
Father and Son, Shreveport, LA.

Active Development/Community Projects

Alston Place Homes Shreveport LA

Cullen Homes I & II 
Cullen, LA

Greenwood Villas Business Center
Shreveport LA

Active Development/Community Projects
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