Urban Housing of America, LA and Pines Road, LLC. are committed to creating a more humane environment for our residents. This is at the core of our culture. We interact with a network of investors, state, local, national agencies as well as our residents through ethical and transparent operations.

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We are ethical

We maintain a high and ethical standard in the conduct of our business.

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We are accountable

We are accountable for the quality of our job performance, the responsibility and stewardship of the resource entrusted to us.

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We are advocates

We advocate on behalf of the economically poor.

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We are diverse

We create an environment that support and encourage diversity.

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We work collaboratively

We work collaboratively with the community seeking the input of those who represent persons affected by our work and the services we provide.

Urban Housing of America, LA and Pines Road, LLC. Take Pride in Offering These Affordable Housing Communities to Low Income Multi-Family and Senior Housing Developments.

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